Caves Barbotte


The Barbotte family opened a general store in 1882, a small version of a modern supermarket.

It was said that you could buy anything: ironmongery, lamp oil, confectionery, crockery, cookers, shoes and clogs, lingerie and corsets, guns sewing machines, building materials; a true Prévert inventory.

This was an essential assortment of goods when journeys were long and difficult.


The business was officially registered in 1888 as a wholesaler of local quality wine.

Phylloxera appeared this year (vines were grown as far north as Lormes) this blight meant that they had to make do with wine from Hungary, Spain and Algeria.

Carefully preserved bills from this time show a well developed trade, which the House of Barbotte had with these foreign countries.

Since then the business became increasingly diversified, wholesaling an extensive range of wine, cordials, spirits and aperitifs.

More than 300 of these are sold to the public in an area furnished with large barrels and casks, some with a capacity of 600 litres, displaying all the local produce to best advantage.

Honey, conserves, biscuits and liqueurs are available, as well as tea, coffee and beer which appeared in their lists in 1925.


Still moving with the times, M. Barbotte is now supplying granulated wood for heating, delivered in bulk or in sacks, showing that after five generations their business continues to adapt and change in response to market conditions.

[ text by Bernard Périé published in Vents du Morvan ; translated by Ann Jefcoate]