Caves Barbotte


The Museum 

Hidden in a side street of Ouroux en Morvan, this small museum recounts the long history of a family business.

The business of the Barbotte family was officially registered in 1888 as a wholesaler of local quality wine.

Phylloxera appeared this year in Morvan (vines were grown as far north as Lormes) this blight meant that they had to make do with wine from Hungary, Spain and Algeria.

Carefully preserved bills from this time show a well developed trade, which the House of Barbotte had with these foreign countries. 

Photo d'archive


Before 1925…

they were mainly wholesalers of red wine. The barrels, which contained the wine, were roughly manhandled during their travels, so repairs were necessary.  The business then began to repair them but they never manufactured them.

In the museum you will find all the tools used in repairing the staves (the pieces of curved wood which make up a barrel): saws, gougers, wood planes, rebate planes, cleavers, trimmers, scrapers and anvils.

During your visit a video will explain the hand-making of a wine barrel.

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